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Tactic, Management, plus Technology Contacting

Establish A Reference Point

If more than one reference point is sent in the request, Galileo and Apollo concatenate the request, which becomes invalid if it exceeds 30 characters. Reference Point is ignored as either postal code or Reference Point is supported for the requested provider. Reference Point data tables can now be downloaded from either the My Travelport Developers site or via ReferenceDataRetrieveReq. In Release 7.1 and earlier, Reference Data for Apollo and Galileo could be retrieved only from the Reference Data download. In Release 8.0 (Utilities v29.0 and Hotel v29.0), functionality to retrieve Reference Points using the Reference Data services was added. Separate Reference Point Data Tables are available for Galileo/Apollo and Worldspan/Axess, respectively.

Most modern machines have two default workpiece stops with corresponding workpiece reference points. Generally, the workpiece reference point refers to the workpiece stop and is identical with the outside edge of a square panel on the machine. You can send a message that includes a reference point with details about another location. It has become the reference point for the review of fisheries management organizations worldwide. The theory of the inevitability of a “clash of civilizations” is slowly but steadily becoming an ideological reference point for political leaders.

Furthermore, we report empirical support for an individual difference variable, self-esteem, indirectly affecting choice in a predictable manner. We were unsuccessful, however, in our efforts to experimentally manipulate consumers’ reference points, and thus we did not learn as much about the decision framing process as we had hoped to learn. While single study, small sample results must be treated with caution, we are nonetheless optimistic that future research into the decision framing process is warranted and holds much potential for adding to our basic knowledge of consumer judgment and choice. The reference point hypothesis predicts that people describe the glass as “half full” when the glass previously contained 0 ml (i.e., low reference point) more often than when the glass previously contained 500 ml (i.e., high reference point). In this situation, McKenzie and Nelson and Sher and McKenzie reported that participants’ frame choice behaviors are consistent with these predictions.

A reference point acts as a measure of comparison, a starting point or baseline, which allows a programmer to determine the amount of progress that is being made. The reference point is usually defined before or at the very beginning of an intervention. However, during an emergency, time pressures may not allow for in-depth baseline data collection. In such cases, reference points can be established once the communication response has started.

The original presentation of prospect theory is mute with respect to the formation of the reference point. This was not a problem during the early theoretical development because the original research in prospect theory centered on decision problems which contained explicit, unequivocal reference points. In later work, Tversky and Kahneman speculated that an individual’s current wealth is a likely reference point in decisions involving monetary outcomes. Fischhoff’s seminal paper on reference points raised several issues, but he was unsuccessful in relating experimental subjects’ choices to their reference points.

As we discussed in the Introduction, in this experimental paradigm the participant may realize the reference point and make frame choices based on it, as it is readily available. That is, participants will report that they made frame choices based on the reference point. However, the empirical question remains as to whether this is true, and we examined this issue in Experiment 1. This paper examines the applicability of prospect theory’s reference point hypothesis to the consumer decision making process.


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