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Do Consumers’ Reference Points Affect Their Buying Decisions?

A minimum is typically 80% of the market reference point, and a maximum is typically 120% of the market reference point. A minimum is typically 80% of the market reference point and a maximum is typically 120% of the market reference point. The reference point manager will create GameObjects for each reference point.

Overall, SMJ provides a communication forum for advancing strategic management theory and practice. Researchers in a variety of academic and applied fields have long been interested in studying consumer choice, and the approaches used for studying choice phenomena reflect the varied backgrounds and interests the researchers bring to the task. Thus, for example, people’s choices have been studied when they cast their vote for a political candidate, when they utilize a particular mode of transportation, and when they purchase a product or patronize a particular store. The Galileo/Apollo reference point data table currently contains approximately 16,000 rows.

Participation was voluntary, and subjects received no compensation for the study. The experimental materials consisted of two survey booklets, the first one containing the 20-item self-esteem scale and the 6-item risk attitude scale, the second one containing the hypothetical purchase scenario and the dependent measures. The dotted line shows indifferent choice between “full” and “empty” frames. Galileo and Apollo support use of reference points to search by postal code. If a reference point is not found in the specified Reference Point data tables, a list of similar names is returned.

Element/Attribute Description ReferencePoint Text value that indicates a reference point. ReferencePoint is required for Hotel Search and Hotel Super Shopper requests with the reference point search location modifier. To request a block of rows, set the value of @StartFromResult from the desired table row and set @MaxResults to indicate the desired increment to retrieve. References points are specific locations within city or metropolitan area. A reference point is a specific location, such an area attraction, business center, hospital, or government office. It is important to keep in mind whether you are the employer or the potential employee, that salary ranges should take in to consideration geographic location when determining the market reference point.

The empirical support for hypothesis one suggests that the final reference point is indeed a reasonable predictor of choice. Moreover, the finding that the initial reference point, at least in the absence of effective manipulation, is affected by the individual’s self-esteem represents an interesting link between individual differences and choice. It supports the idea that such factors may affect intermediate stages in the decision making process and thus only indirectly affect choice.

Thus, in total, 5% of the participants reported choice reasons that were opposite from the prediction of the reference point hypothesis. In Experiments 2, 3A, and 3B, no participants reported an opposite choice reason. Altogether, few participants reported choice reasons that were inconsistent with the reference point hypothesis. We begin the results by examining the prospect theory hypothesis , which posits that high reference points will produce positive decision frames and that low reference points will produce negative decision frames . After examining the choice problem, subjects read a brief description of each reference point and indicated the one which best described the way they framed the decision. Table 1 shows the percentages of choices allocated between the sure thing and the risky alternative for each final reference point.


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