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Strategy, Control, as well as Technological know-how Talking to

Ar Reference Point Manager

Our findings on frame choices and their reasons can be summarized as follows. First, when participants were presented with a story-based reference point, some of them reported that they made frame choices based on the reference point. Second, when a reference point was presented as a prime, participants’ frame choices were affected by this reference point. However, almost no participants reported that they made frame choices based on the reference point. These results indicate that the effect of reference points on frame choices is robust and that people do not always explicitly make frame choices based on the reference point.

Conversely, what if the participants do not make numerical estimations for the amount of water in the glass before making their frame choice? If the estimation of the amount of water plays the role of “anchor” and affects subsequent frame choice, then it follows that the unique procedure of providing a numerical estimate in the priming task might have produced the strong effect of the prime. That is, when participants are not asked to make a numerical estimation (i.e., providing “number”) for the prime, the prime may not affect subsequent frame choice.

A reference point is a particular point in space that you are asking the device to track. The device typically performs additional work to update the position and orientation of the reference point throughout its lifetime. Reference points are generally resource intensive objects that should be used sparingly. For more information on this report or where you can get additional industry-specific data to support your plan design discussions, please contact your T.

Use the form below to send your comments and suggestions about this topic directly to our documentation team. Moving the UCS via the context menu allows you, for example, to insert drawing elements at the correct position without switching to another view. You should always remove reference points through the reference point manager. Do not Destroy an ARReferencePoint unless its manager has also been destroyed.

The time he spent in prison serves as a point of reference for Bowden – the lessons are worth remembering. She used her work experience as a frame of reference for her teaching.

Participants were asked to choose which frame was more natural, “The glass is half full” or “The glass is half empty.”1 This cover story was used for the low reference point group. For the high reference point group, the first sentence was “A glass with 500 ml capacity in front of you is filled with 500 ml water.” After the frame choice, participants provided their reasons for choice. In particular, the participants were asked, “Why did you think that the frame you chose was more natural?


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