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The Effect Of Reference Point Prices On Mergers And Acquisitions Such effective inferences can be made because listeners can effectively make inferences based on the speakers’ conversational tendencies (e.g., when speakers prefer “full” frames). Our findings suggest that people do not always explicitly follow the reference point hypothesis, as explicit frame choice reason can vary […]

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Basics > Aligning Objects > Reference Point For a wireline tool, the reference point is normally the bottom of the tool string. For measurements-while-drilling, the reference is the bit (the driller’s depth). This is the British English definition of reference point.View American English definition of reference point. Definition and synonyms of reference point from the […]

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Reference Points And Effort Provision Element/Attribute Description ReferencePoint Text value that indicates a reference point. ReferencePoint is required for Hotel Search and Hotel Super Shopper requests with the reference point search location modifier. To request a block of rows, set the value of @StartFromResult from the desired table row and set @MaxResults to indicate the […]