RSS2021 Call for Proposals

Host RSS2021

The Road Safety and Simulation (RSS) conference is a biannual event hosted by a local organization, such as a research institution, scientific organization, university or national agency.

The next conference is planned for autumn 2021.

Organizations interested in hosting RSS 2021 are expected to submit a prospectus that outlines the organization and content of the conference.

Interested organizations need to submit the prospectus by December 15, 2019, and the Steering Committee will review the applications and select a host of the upcoming RSS meeting by early January 2020

The following items identify the components of the prospectus:

  • Venue of the meeting
  • Track record of past meetings organized
  • Potential sponsors & financial plan
  • Conference organization
  • Conference scientific activities
  • Conference social activities
  • Potential interested journals for paper publishing and/or Special Issue   
  • Conference outcome
  • Conference evaluation
  • Proposed theme for the conference (optional)

Organizations interested in hosting RSS 2021 should submit their prospectus by December 15, 2019 to the Chair of RSS Steering Committee Prof. Andrea Benedetto by the Executive Committee Coordinator: Fabrizio D’Amico.

For questions, further information or to submit the proposal, please send an email to

- RSS Permanent Steering Committee