RSS2019 Final Program

RSS2019 Final Program (pdf)


RSS2019 Conference Theme - Transformations in Transportation

Technology is transforming transportation at an accelerated rate, introducing radical shifts in the roles of all roadway users. Increasing levels of automation, connected vehicles, and roads users connected through cell phone applications and other media devices are just a few examples of developments (or changes) on the horizon (that are becoming realities). You'll find the best starburst gratis here, you have time to get it!

Conference Topics Include, but are not Limited to:

  • Automated Vehicles Technology - Road users' responses to, interactions with, and perceptions of automated vehicles, augmented reality, and in-vehicle safety systems
  • Connected Vehicles Technology - User responses to, interactions with, and perceptions of connected vehicles technology (e.g., V2V, V2P, I2B)
  • Vulnerable Road Users - Interactions between types of road users and risk factors for collisions with vehicles (e.g., transportation workers, bicyclists, children, and the elderly)
  • Roadway Infrastructure Design - Safety of drivers', bicyclists', and pedestrians' interactions with roadway infrastructure designs
  • Distributed Simulation Technology - Understanding real-time traffic conflicts between drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians through connected simulation

Proceedings & Special Issues


Conference proceedings will be published on USB drives and made available to all conference attendees upon check-in at the conference and by mail for registrants not able to attend. Paper authors will have the option of submitting their paper for review by a refereed journal. The journal, Advances in Transportation Studies, has already committed to once again publish a special issue featuring papers from RSS.

Check back as we update the information on Special Issue publication!

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